Posted by Martin Bielik | 31 08 2016| programming, tech-talks, testing
Dynamic or static typing?

When it comes to dynamic and static typing there are big discussions and many opinions all around. I've collected following thoughts about this problem. Each one of it is questionable because programming is not black & white world. This is what is said in general (the truth is probably somewhere in-between): Static typing: it is...

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Posted by Martin Bielik | 09 08 2016| javascript, react, testing
Testing React Applications with Karma, Jest or Mocha

Nowadays in the ever changing "world of JavaScript and React" there are many libraries which could be used to test React components. It could be hard especially for newcomers to find out which library suits their problems best. In generall test frameworks are expected to: provide test structure (Mocha, Jasmine, Jest) run tests and display test...

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Posted by Martin Bielik | 23 12 2015| javascript, tech-talks
Tech talks: Concurrent tasks in Node.js

Nodeschool workshops have finally started in Bratislava (hosted by Progressbar). At the first meet-up we set up node environment and went through several workshoppers from the nodeschool site. There were people from multiple areas and with different knowledge of javascript (from beginners to experts). Workshop was more or less self-organized with a possibility to ask senior programmers for...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 07 12 2015| tech-talks
Tech talks: Kibana introduction

This tech talks was quick presentation of our first steps in server monitoring. And at the same time it was simple introduction to Kibana and Elasticsearch. What to collect? We started with already provided Spring Boot metrics. Since we wanted to transform the input a little bit (compute diffs between snapshots, count summary hits for...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 04 12 2015| javascript, tech-talks
Tech talks: Async Javascript

Especially when you are coming from Java word, the first encounter with asynchronous style used in Javascript (or node.js) can be confusing. And of course there are several ways how to deal with it. Callback hellAs also for other styles, modularization and good names helps in readability. Async libraryThis library helps with increasing intendations and...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 20 11 2015| javascript
Reactive 2015

Bratislava was hosting Reactive conference several days ago. As name suggest, it was mainly about Facebook React with lot of different talks. Really, it is hard to remember clearly every one of them, so I will write only about the most interesting ones. The curious reader might want to check schedule. CSS Modules The most interesting...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 10 11 2015| tech-talks
Tech talks: NPM dependencies

This talk is dedicated to npm version 2 with focus on dependency management. With npm you can handle both your server and client side javascript dependencies (e.g. for React and Webpack). Basics When you start your javascript project it is useful to initialize your project with npm init. It creates package.json file which describes your...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 08 11 2015| tech-talks
Tech talks: Git basics

We, in the company, have decided we want to start small regular education program where we can share best practices, new interesting technologies or whatever interesting we have seen and might be beneficial to others. We make up to one hour long session together where we present and discuss one selected topic. This blog is...

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