Christmas are here and we are very happy that we will spend this delightful time with our families and friends. While enjoying great meals, plenty of presents and good company, we will have time to look back on previous year and plan the next one.

Many of us makes New Year’s resolutions. This time I challenge you to do something even before the New Year. Start something you have always wanted to. Something for you, your beloved ones or even for all of us. Is it a new network drive built with Raspberry Pi, so that you can backup all your photos? Or is it yet another shopping list application built with Vue.js that you always wanted to learn? Maybe you want to help local community, you are part of, to effectively organise volunteering work without the need for old fashioned mailing lists and shared Google Sheets. Or you can finally sort out all your photos with help of artificial intelligence and machine learning? It is up to you!

So how to start? Don’t do the implementation right away, take a few days just to think about your project and talk to your closest about it. You will get very valuable feedback. Think about what would you like to create (vision) and about how should minimal starting version look like. It is enough to bring some value, not solve the all problems of the world at once 🙂 Pick one day and try to make as much as possible – kind of hackathon. If you can do it with your friends – even better – it is going to be even more fun. And then just start using it. That way you will find out the things you really need – not only the things you have dreamed about.

And what if the motivation for your project fades away? Just remember why have you started in the first place! Because of YOU. And because you have thought about others. Share what have you created. It does not have to be an open source – if you have built your NAS there is probably no source code at all. You can create a blog and inspire others. You never knows what happens. Our most visited blog was made out of curiosity as well.


You only fail when you stop trying

Merry Christmas!

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