Posted by | August 31, 2016
Dynamic or static typing?

When it comes to dynamic and static typing there are big discussions and many opinions all around. I've collected following thoughts about this problem. Each one of it is questionable...

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Posted by | December 23, 2015
Tech talks: Concurrent tasks in Node.js

Nodeschool workshops have finally started in Bratislava (hosted by Progressbar). At the first meet-up we set up node environment and went through several workshoppers from the nodeschool site. There were people from...

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Posted by | December 7, 2015
Tech talks: Kibana introduction

This tech talks was quick presentation of our first steps in server monitoring. And at the same time it was simple introduction to Kibana and Elasticsearch. What to collect? We...

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Posted by | December 4, 2015
Tech talks: Async Javascript

Especially when you are coming from Java word, the first encounter with asynchronous style used in Javascript (or node.js) can be confusing. And of course there are several ways how...

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Posted by | November 10, 2015
Tech talks: NPM dependencies

This talk is dedicated to npm version 2 with focus on dependency management. With npm you can handle both your server and client side javascript dependencies (e.g. for React and...

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Posted by | November 8, 2015
Tech talks: Git basics

We, in the company, have decided we want to start small regular education program where we can share best practices, new interesting technologies or whatever interesting we have seen and...

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