Posted by | March 29, 2018
Number One Conference application

Our latest addition to our portfolio is new family of conference applications Conf One. We used it to build applications for a few conferences already with great success. It allows...

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Posted by | February 24, 2017
Is React Native fully compatible between Android and IOS?

Recently we were invited to help others to resolve compatibility issues between IOS and Android. They have started with React Native but have developed their application only for Android. And...

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Posted by | December 19, 2016
New React Native Color picker

What do you want for christmas? We wanted a color picker for React Native but we could not find any. Therefore we made one for you. You can find it...

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Posted by | October 30, 2016
Making of open source: react native context menu

This year we have decided to make our first open source project. It is context menu component for React Native. However right now we don't want to talk about the...

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Posted by | September 9, 2016
Testing side effects using redux saga

In this post I'll try to show you how convenient it is to test side effects using redux saga. To read this post you should know something about generators and redux-saga library. Here...

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Posted by | August 9, 2016
Testing React Applications with Karma, Jest or Mocha

Nowadays in the ever changing "world of JavaScript and React" there are many libraries which could be used to test React components. It could be hard especially for newcomers to find...

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