US-based startup aiming to become discovery engine for local happenings. If it comes to greatest party in town, location of best July the 4th celebration or concert of the local group, insídeVibe will be there and help you find it and connect with people interested in the event.

Our Solution

We have chosen Facebook’s React Native to implement insideVibe for both IOS and Android platforms allowing it to run at full performance on both platforms, yet sharing more than 95% of the code. As backend we have used Java with Spring stack for its maturity, rich set of existing functionality and broad knowledge base. The application is scaled using AWS instances. Exercising the agile methodologies helped us to implement only necessary feature set, thus keeping the development costs to minimum and keep the review loop with users very short. Close cooperation and frequent communication with the customer helped us to contribute not only to technical solution of the product but to increase its business value as well.


Instea has been partner for insideVibe from its beginning. By implementing and designing 4 sequential iterations of the application, we have verified and helped to transform the business idea to the final product. After verification of initial idea insideVibe application is entering angel investor phase.