About us


Ján Švantner

Background: Experienced software developer with a PhD in the field of artificial intelligence. Using artificial neural networks Jan studied several aspects of the natural language processing. He has worked on a wide range of software projects including major consumer facing online portals, multiple enterprise administration systems and large telecommunication projects. As a consultant working for several companies he got lots of experience and has seen plenty of do’s and dont’s in the software development. In Instea Jan is focusing on the Agile and LEAN process establishment.

Role: Lead the development effort, Agile pioneer, back-end development.

Stanislav Miklík

Background: Talented and experienced software developer with a PhD in computer science with focus on distributed and parallel systems. Stanislav has worked as the software architect on projects ranging from the internal bank portal, big telecommunication systems to B2B systems. In Instea, Stanislav has has taken the role of CTO, determining the technical tendencies of the company and overviewing all projects from technical point of view.

Role: Architect with focus on technical aspects for both frontend, backend and mobile development.