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The project is about a transport management software of a big logistics company which is in development for 4 years and is already rolled out in a few countries. Our task is to implement features (and fix bugs) for rollouts in more countries or just add new features for all countries.

The application is built with the help of a bought toolkit, where the data model, its interactions etc. are built within a graphical tool. This tool is then used to generate much of the application, but there is still 70-80% of custom Java 8 code with much SQL to be done; e.g. via implementing some interface which where generated by that former tool. The frameworks and libraries in use are mostly provided by that toolkit as well.

The resulting web application runs on a WildFly application server, backed by an Oracle database, and a rich client application (based on Eclipse RCP) which is also created and generated by that graphical tool is used as the frontend.

Duration: 12+ months

Technologies: Java 8, SQL

Team: 6-8 team members

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