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Front-end developer



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1 Year

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Development of internal web application. The purpose of the project is to allow internal teams to efficiently collaborate on complex projects, provide big corporate clients detailed analysis, visibility and control during multi-phase transactions running while acquiring or selling a business entity. The application provides different roles according to a users assignment on the current project allowing users to perform a defined subset of operations and it also allows the customers to access the shared content inside. When all the data is collected and processed, the application allows to generate a detailed report which is presented as the final output of the whole project.


JavaScript (with promises, async), TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3 (rem, em, css variables), Sass, CSS preprocessors, React – latest (hooks, context api, refs), Other libraries: Redux (with Thunk), React Router, Jest, Linting (ESLint, Prettier, stylelint), Responsive apps, SPA, Bootstrap, Npm, Node.js, Webpack, minification, uglification, cache busting, Git, HTTP, RESTful API, Postman, Fiddler, Soap UI, Azure, DevOps, Scrum/Agile, Authentication – JWT, OAuth, XSS, CSRF, Data binding, State management, UI/UX, SDLC


  • Very good English for daily communication Mindset of consultant
  • propose innovations, explain reasons for change, guide non-technical people
  • Ability to work with team from US time-zone
    (standard work-hours by 6pm CET, but longer overlap with US time helps, there is ~7 hours offset to GMT+1, so the position is more suitable who likes to wake up later/not an early bird)



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