Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 19 12 2017| Uncategorized
Christmas are coming!

Christmas are here and we are very happy that we will spend this delightful time with our families and friends. While enjoying great meals, plenty of presents and good company, we will have time to look back on previous year and plan the next one. Many of us makes New Year's resolutions. This time I challenge...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 08 09 2017| javascript
Code formatters battle – who is nicer?

Why do I need one? Every programmer has its own coding style. It is polite to honour the style of the file I am editing but when I am starting new file I will (some of) my style to the project. But sometimes you want to copy & paste code fragments from elsewhere. Or you...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 23 06 2017| Uncategorized
Spread the word of React Native

We believe that React Native brings a lot of benefits for mobile application development. We use it ourselves. But the knowledge about React Native is still not spread enough.  We have received a lot of questions that just showed that developers does not heard of RN or just heard weird rumours. So please, spread the word about...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 24 02 2017| javascript, react, react-native
Is React Native fully compatible between Android and IOS?

Recently we were invited to help others to resolve compatibility issues between IOS and Android. They have started with React Native but have developed their application only for Android. And then they wanted to make it work also on IOS. Here are some tips. Android only components Well, this one is obvious. Try to avoid components...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 19 12 2016| javascript, react, react-native
New React Native Color picker

What do you want for christmas? We wanted a color picker for React Native but we could not find any. Therefore we made one for you. You can find it on our github. But one image is worth more than a thousand words. It works both for Android and iOS, supports multiple color formats and easily...

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Posted by Stanislav Miklik | 30 10 2016| javascript, react
Making of open source: react native context menu

This year we have decided to make our first open source project. It is context menu component for React Native. However right now we don't want to talk about the component itself but rather talk about what have we learnt by doing it. Motivation Why have we decided to make it in first place? We...

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Posted by Martin Bielik | 09 09 2016| javascript, react, redux, testing
Testing side effects using redux saga

In this post I'll try to show you how convenient it is to test side effects using redux saga. To read this post you should know something about generators and redux-saga library. Here are some great articles about this topic: The Basics Of ES6 Generators Using redux-saga To Simplify Your Growing React Native Codebase Docs - Introduction To test...

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Posted by Martin Bielik | 31 08 2016| programming, tech-talks, testing
Dynamic or static typing?

When it comes to dynamic and static typing there are big discussions and many opinions all around. I've collected following thoughts about this problem. Each one of it is questionable because programming is not black & white world. This is what is said in general (the truth is probably somewhere in-between): Static typing: it is...

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